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Sep 4, 2011
RawVision reads your RAW photos files and allows you to manipulate them on your Android tablet or smartphone.
Aug 24, 2010

BadaDOF is the Bada version of PocketDOF, hyperfocal and depth-of-field application for photographers.



PocketDOF is a depth of field calculator intended for photographers.

It is currently available for Windows Mobile, Android and Bada phones/PDA.

PocketDOF allows you to calculate  precise information regarding the hyperfocal distance and the area of sharpness (depth of field), given the confusion circle, the focal and aperture of the lens and the distance of the subject.

It also allows you to reverse the calculation of DOF, that is calculate the focus distance and minimal aperture given the focal and depth-of-field required.



You can download PocketDOF directly or browse with your phone at these urls:

PocketDOF for Windows Mobile

PocketDOF for Android

BadaDOF for Bada

PocketDOF is worth 2€. You can only buy it with a paypal payement, after which you will receive a licence code by email. You will need your phone to connect to internet in order to authenticate the code and unlock the application. The code applies to both the WM and Android versions of PocketDOF - this does NOT apply to BadaDOF.

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