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Sep 4, 2011
RawVision reads your RAW photos files and allows you to manipulate them on your Android tablet or smartphone.
Aug 24, 2010

BadaDOF is the Bada version of PocketDOF, hyperfocal and depth-of-field application for photographers.




Nivobulle is a mobile application dedicated to Samsung smartphones running Windows Mobile and which have accelerometer capabilities.

Nivobulle is a 3D bubble-leveller for Windows Mobile smartphones. It allows you to test the horizontality of your mobile within the 3 directions of space and also includes a magnetic compass and a ruler graduated in cm.


You can download Nivobulle by clicking the following links:  Size 181 KB
  Md5 hash 3cb7d00a59ac169bd3b8888ceaf10e43

Nivobulle version 1.1. Version includes compass for devices with magnetometer.

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Nivobulle is worth 2€. The purchase is to be made only by paypal with the following button. Once the payement completed, ypu will receive an email with an activation code. The activation of the application is required only the first time et requires a valid DATA (internet) connection from your phone.

You can also purchase the application directly from the Samsung App Store.

The code is sent directly after payement. If you don't see any email coming, please check your spam box. Otherwise, you can contact us here.
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