PocketDOF is a depth of field calculator intended for photographers.

It is currently available for Windows Mobile and Android phones/PDA.

PocketDOF allows you to calculate precise information regarding the hyperfocal distance and the area of sharpness (depth of field), given the confusion circle, the focal and aperture of the lens and the distance of the subject.

It also allows you to reverse the calculation of DOF, that is calculate the focus distance and minimal aperture given the focal and depth-of-field required.



PocketDOF for Android only works in english. It is also supposed to work on Android 2.1 and further. For previous versions of Android, you are welcome to first try to install the application: il the installation is successful, you will then be able tu run PocketDOF normally.

You can download PocketDOF directly or browse with your phone at that url:

Nivobul_install.cab  Size 180 KB
  Md5 hash 2398a1a75fff0068f1da008ce7db3736
  Description CAB installer of Nivobulle for Samsung pocketpc under Windows Mobile
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Note: In order to install the application, you need to check "accept unknown sources" in the parameters of your phone.

PocketDOF is worth 2€. You can only buy it with a paypal payement, after which you will receive a licence code by email. You will need your phone to connect to internet once in order to authenticate the code and unlock the application.